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The Conceited Mosquito


One day Mosquito was flying, landed on Tiger, and chewed and bit him. As soon as he did so, it itched, so Tiger snapped at him, but Mosquito flew away. But because Tiger’s bite was so strong, Tiger peeled a flat piece of skin off the middle of his own back. Since Tiger is such a fierce and hateful animal it got really angry. Mosquito landed yet again. So Tiger grew crazy with anger and bit strongly wherever Mosquito landed. In a while Tiger died, dripping blood. Mosquito sucked up the flesh and blood until he was satisfied, and with a smug smile, he went to where there was a big Spider and said, “Say, Old Spider, I’m a powerful hero who kills the king of beasts, so from today on you have to serve me. If you don’t, I’ll kill you and be the owner of your nice home.” Old Spider sat warming himself in the sun in the middle of his own web, as if he had not understood. Mosquito grew furious at Old Spider’s behavior, and when he came closer all his legs got into the web, and he was left there unable to move. Old Spider slowly got up and with a inward laugh he gulped Mosquito down.

—Brag smyon, Qinghai Folk Literature 4, 1990

Folk Story
The Conceited Mosquito
Collection Tibetan Children's Stories
Visibility Public - accessible to all site users (default)
Author Brag smyon
Translator Larry Epstein
Original year published 1990
Creative Commons Licence