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The Dispute between Dogs and Cats


One day, when both their old folks were having a talk about life, Kitten made friends with Puppy and they went to look for something to eat.

Usually dogs and cats both warm themselves in the sun and have some nice chats with each other. It is possible to think that when you see them scratch each others’ faces, it would be difficult for them to get along.

Kitten said to Puppy, “We two have lived many years in our families and have had nothing good to eat except hide and leftover noodles. So let’s go rob the neighbor’s house.” Puppy’s face lit up happily and it followed Kitten. When they got to the neighbor’s door Kitten said to Puppy, “You stay here and keep watch. I’ll crawl in the window on the upper story and see if there’s something good to eat.” So Puppy slept by the door. After a little while Kitten came out empty handed. Puppy said, “There’s milk on your lips. You drank milk. Didn’t you bring me any?” Kitten said, “The milk was in a wooden bowl. I couldn’t. Let’s go. There’s nothing good to eat in this poor neighbor’s house.”

Puppy said, “Well, this time let’s go to Uncle Rich Man’s house. He’s got delicious food there for sure.” They crawled in through a drain. Then, looking around they found no good food at all. Then Kitten caught a mouse, saying,” We can eat this together. Puppy felt nauseated at eating a mouse, and said, “I feel sick at eating a mouse. You’ve cheated me, and didn’t help me look for good food. I’m leaving.” He wagged his tail, stuck out his tongue and left.

The next day Puppy did not feel like stealing food and stayed home. Kitten stole the stomach of a sheep a neighbor had slaughtered, and when he was starting to eat it, Puppy immediately swiped it from his paws and said, “I haven’t had any food to eat for two days, so aren’t you making my mouth water?” and he ate it. Kitten said, “This is something I found; how come you’re eating it? Can’t you go find something by yourself?” They argued and snatched it away from each other, fell out and stayed in their own places.

Then both the old folks mediated between them, but they did not find a way to make things ok. The old she-cat took care of Kitten and left it on the hearth. The old bitch took care of Puppy and guarded the door. From then on dogs and cats have hated each other, scratched each other, and become enemies.

—Reb sa Tshe ring rgyal, Qinghai Folk Literature, Book 2

Folk Story Amdo
The Dispute between Dogs and Cats
Collection Tibetan Children's Stories
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Author Reb sa Tshe ring rgyal
Translator Larry Epstein
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