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After E finished a new house, he called A, B, C and D, who had helped him build it, to a housewarming. When he was ready to have the party, C had not yet appeared, and sadly E said, “The one who should have come didn’t.”

B heard him and thought, “So, it seems he didn’t want me to come,” and he left. As soon as E came to know that, he got worried and said, “Hey, he left when he didn’t have to.”

A heard that and I thought “If I look at it, I’m certainly the one whom he wants to leave.” A quickly went home. E saw that and, inappropriately pointing his finger, said, “Look! I didn’t say anything to him, but  . . .”

D heard him and thought, “So those words are meant for no one else but me.” He left in embarrassment and anger.

—Rdo rje tshe brtan, Qinghai Folk Literature 1, 1988.

Folk Story Amdo
Collection Tibetan Children's Stories
Visibility Public - accessible to all site users (default)
Author Rdo rje tshe brtan
Translator Larry Epstein
Original year published 1988
UID mandala-texts-50141
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