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Week 1 Flourishing: Simple Awareness and Breath Practice

Simple Awareness and Breath Practice

Posture, Place & Motivation

Take a few moments to find a comfortable posture or place to move your body if you are doing this as an active practice.  Reminding yourself of your intention, your purpose for practicing. (Pause 1 minute)

Simple Awareness. Now, simply noticing your experience in this moment. Allowing your mind to be open. Resting in the present moment. Allowing your experience to be just as it is. You don't need to block any part of your experience. Just noticing whatever Thoughts...Feelings...or Sensations are present.   (Pause 2 minutes)

Awareness with the Breath

Sensations: Now, bringing your attention to the breath. Noticing the sensations of breathing.  Bringing awareness to wherever the breath is most apparent. The rise and fall of the belly or chest…the sensation of the air coming in and out of your mouth and nostrils. Breathing in…and breathing out.

Allowing awareness to ride the waves of each breath, focusing on the direct sensations of the breath.  (Pause 2 minutes).

It is natural for our minds to get lost and swept up in thoughts and feelings. When you notice this simply, bringing awareness back to the present moment and continuing your practice.  Aware of the sensations of breathing. (Pause 2 minutes)

Counting: For some of us, it can be helpful to anchor awareness on the breath through the method of counting. An invitation to begin counting each cycle of breathing, 1-3. When you complete the third breath, begin again at one. (Pause 2 minutes)

When you notice you’ve gotten swept up in a story or lost in thoughts, simply inviting attention to return to the breath and to noticing the sensations of breathing, or counting the breath. Awareness with the breath. (Pause 2 minutes)

Simple Awareness.  

Now, letting go of the focus on the breath and relaxing the mind. Letting your mind rest naturally without focusing on any particular aspect of experience. Open and at ease. Awake and aware.  (Pause 1 minutes)


Week 1 Flourishing: Simple Awareness and Breath Practice
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