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Week 10 - Diversity Informal Practices

“Just Like Me Practice”:  Return to the notion of a person just like me as you go about your daily live to include people you know and care about, strangers and people who may have caused you some form of discomfort or suffering physically or mentally.  Try & quietly send care to others paying special attention to those that cause you difficulty or may be different from you.  Try to pause in your mind and reflect on your shared common humanity as a way to calm the mental chatter or judgemental thoughts that may easily arise when you see them or interact with them.   How does this practice then change your interactions or understanding about them?

Diversifying Interactions: Take time to reach out to one person who has a quality or characteristic that is different from you, who you would not identify as part of your “in-group”. Try to get to know them better this week with an intention of non-judgment, curiosity and compassion. At any time you discover discomfort, breathe and just notice and be with that discomfort, considering where it originates and why.  

Week 10 - Diversity Informal Practices
Collection The Art and Science of Human Flourishing - Fall 2017
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