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Week 11 - Identity Informal Practices
  • Notice how your self-identifications play out in the external world - the places you like/dislike, the unchecked opinions you have, can you offer yourself a greater sense of understanding  for being conditioned certain way
  • Notice moments of ingroup/outgroup experiences, notice how your experience - feeling empowered, disempowered, compassion, lack of compassion, etc.
  • Identifying with thoughts: How much of what you think and perceive about yourself and others do you think is really true?  Ask yourself this question when you notice a judgement or comment about yourself or someone else pop-up-”Am I sure?” “Where did this judgement come from?”
  • Practice resting in awareness itself during short periods of time in transition in your day such as walking to class, waiting for class to start, laying in bed at night before sleeping, waiting in line for food, pausing at a crosswalk or stop light, etc….What is it like to just rest in a state of awareness without judgement, commentary, or other narratives?
Week 11 - Identity Informal Practices
Collection The Art and Science of Human Flourishing - Fall 2017
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