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Week 12 - Aesthetics Informal Practices

Mindful Observation of Nature: Take note of the natural beauty present in sight and sound around you as you go to and from class each day.  If the time allows take a path on campus that passes through a green space and notice  those things that you find beautiful.  Notice how mindfully observing natural beauty affects how you feel in your body and mind.   

Mindful Listening to Music:  Most of the time when we listen to music we are multitasking and our attention is not fully on the piece of music.  Find a song that you like to listen to and practice just listening to the music.  See how much you can notice about the instruments, the vocals, the beat, rhythm, etc… Notice what makes you like this particular song?  What are you drawn to in this piece of music?  How does this piece of music make you feel in your body and your mind? Explore this same exercise with a piece of music you are unfamiliar with and notice any differences.

Mindful Attention of Visual Art/Performance Art:  Be more attentive to pieces of visual art that you either come across spontaneously in your day or actively seek out art that can be in the form of painting, photography, architecture, furniture, sculpture, etc… Pause and spend a little more time than you normally would paying attention to the shapes, colors, style, material, texture, creativity, etc...that draws your attention.  Notice how this piece of art makes you feel in your body and your  mind as you observe it.  Do the same exercise with performance art such as dance and theater or films.  

Week 12 - Aesthetics Informal Practices
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