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Week 12 - Creativity Time

In this practice, you will be invited to pick a creative activity that you delight in doing such as drawing, journaling, dancing, playing music, cooking,  poetry, any kind of art,  etc… It should be any activity that would nourish your body and mind, not one that will exhaust you physically and or mentally.

The following instructions are an invitation for you to follow and adapt for the specific activity you chose.

First decide on what activity you’d like to do.  Next set your timer for 15-20mins.

Engage in the activity freely and without distraction  for the duration of time you set the timer too.  Don’t worry about doing anything right just allow yourself to be expressive using whatever medium you choose without judgement or even an agenda.

After your timer goes off allow yourself to pause in stillness and just notice how you feel can contemplate the creation of art you just engaged with.

Ask yourself why do I enjoy doing this exercise?  How does it make me feel?

To bring closer to the practice spend a few minutes either journaling about your experience or using another art form like drawing to express how you feel now.


Week 12 - Creativity Time
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