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Week 14 - Courage Informal Practices

Transforming Fear and Anxiety: Be mindful throughout your day when fear and anxiety is present in your body and mind in the face of academic stress, athletic performance, artistic performance, relationship challenges, etc...  Practice actively eliciting the feeling of strength and courage to be present in the face of fear and anxiety.  You can do this through bringing forth a physical feeling of strength and courage in your body, through an image in your mind, or thinking of a person who embodies strength and courage.

Informal Moral Clarity Practice: When you are walking around the university, on the bus,  in class, hanging out in your dorm, hanging with friends practice using your breath to relieve other people’s suffering around you including those you care about, strangers, and those who you have a difficult relationship with.  How does this make you feel in your body and mind?

Overcoming FOMO:  (fear of missing out).  How does FOMO affect your daily life?  How does it effect your phone/texting use?  Be aware of your relationship with your phone.  Are you constantly holding on to it out of fear you will miss something?  What drives you to be so connected with technology.  Practice recognizing when FOMO is present exp with use of technology and notice how this subtle fear manifests itself in your body, actions, and mind.  Can you overcome this fear in small ways?

Week 14 - Courage Informal Practices
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