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Week 6 - Happiness Informal Practices

Notice when do you feel most well, fulfilled, purposeful? What gives your life a sense of meaning? What is it really that supports your flourishing and thriving?

What are some choices we make that take us further away from wellbeing? Conscious/ unconscious? What are some unuseful coping practices?

Notice small moments of happiness and joy in your daily life - ranging from getting a good night's sleep, having nourishing food, enjoying presence of other people, learning new things, discovering small pleasures, etc.

Cultivating joy and happiness through deliberate investment in eudaimonic activities:  Choose one thing from the exercises we did in class and make a commitment for the week to explore how to deepen that experience of happiness.

Interview other people at different stages in their life or with different circumstances (economic, disabilities, age, etc.) about what brings them happiness.

Expressing joy and happiness: what does it look like to express and share happiness? Set time aside each day to share or express happiness in your unique way.


Week 6 - Happiness Informal Practices
Collection The Art and Science of Human Flourishing - Fall 2017
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