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Week 8 - Interdependence Informal Practices

Digital Detox Challenge: Disconnect to Reconnect

Throughout the week experiment with taking short micro breaks from your devices-phones, laptops, watches, etc… and try out these informal practices to connect more with the immediate world around you.

  • Connecting with Nature:  Experiment with taking 3 deep breaths when you are outside this week with a focus on connecting with the natural world around you.  Pause and reflect on how different aspects of nature such as the trees, sky, clouds, etc….are contained in your in and out breath and are supporting your life moment to moment. When you reflect on this intimate relationship with the natural world how does this awareness of connection with nature change your experience in the moment?
  • Connecting with your Food:  When you are eating a meal, snack, drinking coffee or tea, etc… pause for a moment and reflect on how many people and resources it took to bring that food item to your hands right now.  Thinking of truck drivers and airplanes, farmers in different countries, merchants, cooks, natural resources, etc...See if you can generate a sense of gratitude for all of these various people and resources.   Experiment with expressing this gratitude to the servers in dining hall, cooks, restaurants, buying coffee, etc..


Deepening Connections with Family and Friends

  • Expressing Gratitude:   Find small moments in your day to express gratitude either by text, calls, or in person to family member and friends for either something nice they have done to you lately or just for general qualities they have that you appreciate and find helpful.
  • Deepening Connection: Choose one relationship this week to bring 100% focus and awareness (presence) to in your interactions.  See if the quality of your interactions and nature of your relationship change with your intentional awareness and mindfulness.


Week 8 - Interdependence Informal Practices
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