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Week 9 - Compassion Informal Practices

Randomly Wishing Care Upon Yourself and Others: Find times throughout your day that you can silently wish others that you may know and not know the feelings of happiness, care, well-being, and flourishing.

  • Family members:  Take a few moments to pause before calling or texting your family and experiment with sending them well wishing thoughts of care, happiness, well-being before you talk to them.
  • Friends: Think about some of your friends here at school and back at home and generate some thoughts of well wishes for their happiness and flourishing just randomly throughout the day.
  • Students you don’t know/Strangers: Try sending thoughts of care and wellbeing towards the people around you when you are walking in between classes, picking up food, sitting in lecture halls, hanging out in the dorms.  Notice how you feel when you send them caring thoughts.
  • Yourself: Try to find moments during your day to send yourself thoughts of care and well-being.  Particularly when you feel your stress levels are increasing or you are exhausted or frustrated, take a minute to pause and practice generating compassionate feelings for yourself.
Week 9 - Compassion Informal Practices
Collection The Art and Science of Human Flourishing - Fall 2017
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