Jangtang (Northern Plain) Literally the “Northern Plains,” this is a Tibetan way of referring to the vast high plateau extending across  northern and western parts of Tibet. Its environment consists of vast hilly plains, large salt lakes, and a steppe-like environment mostly above the tree line. It is renowned for its high-altitude wildlife, while its limited population consists entirely of nomadic groups. Nowadays the region is divided between China and India: the largest part belongs to the Tibet Autonomous Region (China), while a portion of it belongs to Ladakh (Jammu & Kashmir, India). It appears to have supported a pre-Buddhist civilization prior to the rise of the Tibetan empire in the seventh century, and during that time was presumably a more hospitable environment that has changed over the centuries due the gradually rising elevation of the Tibetan plateau. Jangtang places 15346 For more information about this term, see Full Entry below.Feature Type Cultural RegionFull EntryRelated Subjects (1)Related Places (1)Related Texts (1)