Untitled Then east of Golok, where the high plateau breaks up, there are the Sharwa (shar ba) farmers of Songpan county, who are the southern limit of Amdo agrarian dialect (rong skad) speakers. Their southern ethno-linguistic border is with Gyarong (rgyal rong) speakers and the Qiang ethnic group. From the Sharwa and their neighbors the Dakpo (dwags po) northward throughout an easternmost zone of mountain and valley lands, all the way via Choni to Labrang (bla brang), there are further Tibetan agricultural communities who speak variations on the Amdo agrarian dialect. These groups used to be collectively called the Thewo (mthe bo), a name already found in Dunhuang documents. They should probably be considered for another ethno-linguistic unit or block, but needs more research to establish the extent of it. Sharwa and Tewo Agrarian Communities places 15375 For more information about this term, see Full Entry below.Feature Type Cultural RegionFull EntryRelated Subjects (1)Related Places (1)Related Texts (1)