An Overview of Chuchen Chuchen (chu chen) was one of the eighteen Gyelrong (rgyal rong) kingdoms. During the Ming period, Lhé Lhamo (lha’i lha mo, Hayi Lamu 哈伊拉木), the forty-seventh gyelpo of Chuchen, was granted the title of Yanhua Master of Yungdrung Monastery (also known as Jinchuan Moanstery). In 1666 Gyalepa (Gyalé Purpa, the fifty-fifth gyelpo) submitted to the Qing, and was conferred the seal of Yanhua Chanshi (Master). In 1723, the Chuchen Gyelpo was granted the title “Chuchen Pacification Commissioner” (anfusi 安抚司). In 1776 the Qing pacified Chuchen, where the Qing established the Independent Sub-prefecture (that is, Zhili Ting) of A-er-gu. In 1779 A-er-gu Sub-prefecture was eliminated, and the area was incorporated into Meinuo Sub-prefecture, which was under the jurisdiction of Chengmian Longmao Circuit (成绵龙茂道). In 1783 Meinuo Sub-prefecture became Maogong Sub-prefecture in Charge of the Affairs of the Agricultural Garrisons (Military Agricultural Colonies), and Suijing Colony (绥靖屯) and Chonghua Colony (崇化屯) were established in Chuchen. In addition, Suijing (绥靖营), Chonghua (崇化营), and Qingning Battalions (庆宁营) were also stationed there to rule over the region. Chuchen places 23690 For more information about this term, see Full Entry below.Feature Type PrincipalityFull EntryRelated Subjects (2)Related Places (1)Related Texts (1)