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Amchok Tsennyi Monastery (a mchog mtshan nyid dgon pa)

Amchok Tsennyi Monastery (a mchog mtshan nyid dgon pa) was founded in 1823 by Amchok Könchok Tenpé Gyeltsen (a mchog dkon mchog bstan pa’i rgyal mtshan). There were about 1500 monks before 1958. Under the monastery there are seven branches: Karchen Jampa Ling (dkar chen byams pa gling), Gönsar Ganden Jamyang Ling (dgon gsar dga’ ldan ’jam dbyang gling), Dowa Gön Samten Ling (mdo ba dgon bsam gtan gling), Drakkar Trashi Genpel Ling (brag dkar bkra shis dge ’phel gling), Zhushup Ganden Samten Ling (gzhu shub dga’ ldan bsam gtan gling), Jamgo Gön (skya mgo dgon; Kyamgo Gön in Standard Tibetan pronunciation), and Tsün Gön (dtsun dgon; this was established recently and incorporated into the monastery). Amchok Rinpoché appointed people at the key positions such as abbot in these monasteries, which are commonly known as the six branches of Amchok Monastery (a mchog dgon ma lag drug). 


Hor gtsang ’jigs med. Mdo smad lo rgyus chen mo las sde tsho’i skor glegs bam dang bo [The First Volume of Communities and Tsowa (sde tsho) in the Greater History of Amdo]. Dharamsala, India: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives, 2009, 583-605.

Amchok Tsennyi Gönpa
Amchok Tsennyi Monastery (a mchog mtshan nyid dgon pa)

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