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An Overview of Gyeltang

In the mid-thirteenth century the Yuan dynasty appointed two governors (sde pa) to rule the Gyeltang (rgyal thang) region. In the mid-fourteenth century the Naxi king Sönam Rapten (bsod nams rab brtan) conquered most of southern Kham, including the Gyeltang region, and his kingdom ruled the region for two-hundred years (until it was overthrown by Gushri Khan’s troops). Subsequently, the central Tibetan Ganden Palace (dga’ ldan pho brang) established a new government in Gyeltang, whose administrative structure included two depa, five zhal ngo (zhal ngo), five longpön (blong dpon), and sixteen depön (sde dpon). In the early eighteenth century, the Qing replaced the indigenous leaders with government-appointed officials in the region. Initially, the Gyeltang region was placed under the jurisdiction of the Batang Depa (’ba’ thang sde pa), but in 1727 the Qing placed the region under the jurisdiction of Lijiang Prefecture in Yunnan Province.

An Overview of Gyeltang

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