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This is a collection of rough draft translations I have done over the years in my personal study of Buddhism, covering a variety of topics. Most of the translations were done from Tibetan, but a few are from Sanskrit. All translations are my own and so should be considered rough drafts. Though they may have been polished to varing degrees, they have not been reviewed by any others. Nor have I been able to query indigenous experts for clarification of the more difficult passages. Nevertheless, they are posted here in case they might be of interest or use to other students of Buddhism.

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This is a translation of the Tibetan text of Āryadeva’s text ལག་པའི་ཚད་ and it’s autocommentary. The main edition of the text used is from the Degé Tengyur, though other Tibetan editions are listed in the bibliography. The translation is a rough draft.


Translation of the Tibetan version of the classic Mahāyāna sūtra on non-conceptuality, known in Sanskrit as the Ārya avikalpapraveśa nāma dhāraṇī, and in Tibetan as ’phags pa rnam par mi rtog par ’jug pa zhes bya ba’i gzungs. The ideas expressed in this sūtra played a prominent role in the debate between the proponents of gradual and "sudden" paths that was prominent in Tibetan and Central Asian in the 8th and 9th centuries. It was commented on by Kamalaśīla and there are several translations of it into Tibetan and Chinese found at Dunhuang.

Mahāyāna Buddhist Sūtra 2021

Translation of the Maitreya-Vyākaraṇam from Sanskrit with reference to Tibetan and French translations, includes introduction and bibliography.

Vimalamitra, Lochen Dharmaśrī 2020 [2020]

This short but well-known work by the Indian master Vimalamitra explains six subtopics concerning the refuge rite. It is a concise ten verses long, but included with it is a commentary by the renown scholar Lochen Dharmaśrī.