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Mind and Body Awareness: A K-5 Breath Practice

Mind and Body Awareness

A K-5 Breath Practice


Type of Practice: Mindfulness

Intended Audience: K-5


Social Context: Individual

Duration of Practice: 3 minutes

Preparations and Resources


  • None

Set Up:

  • None

Today we’re going to practice developing our awareness of our minds and bodies. 

Begin by bringing your attention to your body. Notice any sensations that you feel inside your body. Maybe your stomach is growling. Or perhaps you can feel your heartbeat. You don’t need to do anything to change what you observe, simply notice what you are experiencing. 

Now check in to see how your body is feeling today. It might be energetic, tired, restless, heavy, light, or calm. Welcome whatever you are experiencing. 

Bring your attention to your breath. Do you feel it moving in and out of your body? Is fast or is it slow? There’s no need to speed it up or slow it down. Simply notice what you are experiencing. 

Now bring your attention to your face. Does your face feel relaxed? Is it smiling or bored? Is your forehead wrinkled or smooth? Notice what expression is on your face. There’s no need to change anything, simply notice what’s there already. 

Now check in on your mind. How is it feeling today? Is it busy thinking? Or is at rest? Do you notice any emotions? Welcome whatever you observe. 

Wonderful. Now take a deep breath in and out. Notice whether you feel any differently after completing this exercise. 


    This is a great practice to use as a precursor to a yoga sequence or a breathing exercise. 

    It can also be used when you notice that students are getting overstimulated and need a moment to check in with their minds and bodies. 



    Authorship and Provenance

    Authors: Megan Downey and Anna Basile

    Adapted from: Compassionate Schools Project

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    Mind and Body Awareness: A K-5 Breath Practice
    Collection Practices: K-12
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    Author Megan Downey, Anna Basile
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