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Mindful Walking: A K-5 Breath Practice

Mindful Walking

A K-5 Breath Practice


Type of Practice: Mindfulness

Intended Audience: K-5


Social Contexts: Individual 

Duration of Practice: 10 minutes

Preparations and Resources


  • None

Set Up: 

  • If possible, invite students to join you on the playground or in the courtyard for this practice. 
  • If you opt to practice this in the classroom, ensure that you have enough space for students to walk. 
  • If it is not too disruptive, invited students to take their shoes off so that they can feel more connected to the ground. 

Begin by walking very slowly.

Look at the ground just slightly so that you are paying attention to each step you take. Feel your feet on the ground. 

Gently bring your attention to your right foot. Take a small step forward. Notice how your heel feels as it touches the ground. Feel your toes gently touch the ground. Do you feel more stable when your entire foot is touching the ground? 

Bring your attention to your left foot. Ask yourself: How it feels to take a step with this foot? Does it feel the same as the right foot or different? 

Bring your attention to your legs. What does it feel like in your legs when you walk slowly in this way? Do both legs feel the same? What about your knees? 

Bring your attention to your torso. Notice the length of your spine. Are you standing upright? Are you slightly hunched over? Can you feel your breath flowing in and out? Bring your attention to any sensations you feel throughout your torso. 

Now bring your attention to your arms. How do they feel as you walk? Do you feel them swinging just slightly with each step? 

Notice how your neck and head feel as you take each small step.

Now allow your attention to gently travel throughout your entire body. Simply notice each sensation as it arises. What does it feel like to walk in this way? 

Continue walking in silence for two to three minutes. 


    You do not need to read the included script verbatim. Adapt the language so that it is appropriate for your students in particular. 

    If time allows, bookend this experience with group discussions. Before introducing the exercise, discuss the similarities and differences between walking and mindful walking. This will offer them a foundation from which to engage the exercise. Once students have completed the practice, invite them to reflect on their experiences.  

    As students become more familiar with practice, invite them to reflect on how they can integrate into their daily lives, both within school and outside of it. 



    Authorship and Provenance

    Authors: Megan Downey and Anna Basile

    Adapted from: Compassionate Schools Project

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    Mindful Walking: A K-5 Breath Practice
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